All-in-one tasks list. A mother of all todo list. WANTLIST. 

Based on: 
- Years of tasks management experience. 
- Agile methodology and Time Management.
- Executives and busy people's lifestyle.  

Useful for:
Business, Personal, Students, Shoppers and Travelers.

This App can help: 
- General purpose todo, tasks and reminders 
- Birthday list 
- Bridal Registry 
- Voice based tasks/memo/reminders/notes 
- Photo based tasks / whiteboard capture / notepad based task capture 
- Email based tasks / actionable task management 
- Integrated with Gmail (Multiple personal and business gmail accounts).   
- Store Integration (Integration with Magento deployed for millions of users) 
- Integration with other tasks lists (Currently with Asana) 


Contact Partner: WeMo Technologies